Monday, June 22, 2015

Father's Day 2015 - I'm feeling it, Dad!

Dad, his mother, and his sister-in-law Mary.
Guessing 1960-ish in Vancouver.

6/21/15.  I had a great Father's Day today.  Activity-wise it wasn't so unusual... Natasha and I walked the dogs and played some basketball.  I watched a movie in the afternoon, and then we all went out to Chouchou restaurant for the first time, which was great.

My girls made an effort to help me have a special day, but the reality is the best thing about it was the normalness of it.  I get such joy from being this little girl's father that on this Father's Day I took the time to both appreciate the moment and the fact that my life is filled with these moments.

Dad used to say, "You'll understand when you're a father."  He was talking about the delight a father gets out of the smallest, silliest things his little girl does.  How pride surges when she figures something out, or demonstrates kindness.  How joyous it is to sit across from her at dinner and look at her perfect little bangs I just cut and the jewelry she's wearing that she made this week.  How her happiness spurs my own.  How it wouldn't even be a question what I would do if for some reason I had to sacrifice my life for hers.  And I can't believe the special cuddling relationship that only a daddy and daughter can have.

Family is the best.  It's incredible.  Somewhere my dad is happy I feel this.

Today, before dinner.  One of many hugs.