Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Dad tells his own story

Hello folks.

As of today, I'm beginning the edit and sharing of the video project Dad and I did. I've decided to show it in chronological order, as we filmed it.

We started taping in December of 2004. In this first segment, he talks about why he chose to make this tape, then moves into talking about the early years. He shares a few memories of what he was told about the births of himself and his siblings, then he speculates about the reasons his father moved them to China when he was still a baby.

We have all been missing Dad, naturally. Besides thinking of him often, we have been spreading his ashes many places. Mom spread some at Shoreline Golf Links, one of his regular courses. I think she went out to the 9th fairway, but I'm not exactly sure. I've taken Dad to Candlestick Park for our regular Niners game, the Church of the Wayfarer in Carmel (where he and Mom got married), Tank Hill in SF (great view), and the ocean at my in-laws' Ventura beach house. I now feel a little of what Barry Bonds felt when he pointed to the sky after home runs after his dad died. Dad never really got to see my best basketball games (which are happening now playing pickup at the Y), but after a good day, I smile thinking of him enjoying it.

More soon, I promise.